We provide consulting, training, and developing solutions for transforming business

with IoT-Edge-Cloud Continuum, Machine Learning, and Automated Workflows

Our Values

Empowering trust by advancing service quality

Experts with in-depth expertise

An amazing team of local and international experts with extensive experience in implementing complex projects and products

Research-intensive Solutions

Developed services and products from academic research combined with open sources with a holistic transformative view

Context-aware and customized, high-quality solutions

Towards building and mastering technologies for Machine Learning, Big Data, and AI-based automated business and IT processes


Consulting, Training, and Developing Solutions

Offer transformative designs IoT Edge Cloud applications and services based on our highly-cited principles of IoT Cloud engineering, achieving extensibility, reliability and efficiency for resource-constrained infrastructure. Provide solutions for data governance, data quality reliability, efficency, and responsible AI/ML, and IT policies

Offer consultancy and assessment services for integrated solutions for operations and governance processes. Train AI/ML and big data analytics teams for developing big data platforms, analytics for operations, architectures for big data platforms, machine learning systems, and digital transformation

Our current technical solutions, tools, and software frameworks

TENSAI Data Observability

Tools and software for data policy, management, and data quality monitoring on big data platforms for operations, analysis, and ML/AI

DAIENSO Anomaly Detection

Machine learning models, pipelines, and services for anomaly detection and forecasting for time-series data


Real-time data pipelines (features/data extraction and ingestion) for data analytics/AI, on-premise and cloud ML services, and real-time ML/AI software end-to-end serving


Interoperable, extensible and high performance real-time framework for AI/ML based detection, search and monitoring for video/image/unstructured data


A framework for deploying and programming LLM/AI assistant services for software development and commercial tasks, including on-premise LLM provisioning and management, LLM task workflows and LLM quality assurance

Our Research

Current and recent research fields



Daienso Lab was established with the goal of developing real-time machine learning solutions and intelligent platforms adapted to the needs of developing industrial markets: (1) applying and incorporating data-driven analytics and machine learning techniques into existing complex systems; (2) researching and developing machine learning solutions for specific, unique operating conditions; and (3) solving the problems of limited experts, resources, and infrastructures for implementing ML/AI, IoT-Edge-Cloud Continuum, and Automated Workflows.


Hong-Linh Truong

Co-Founder PhD, Computer Science

Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Trang

Co-Founder Data/ML/AI

Tu Nguyen

R&D Cloud engineer

Hieu Phan

R&D Data and MLOps Engineer

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